Sustainability reporting

Understanding and aiming to exceed the expectations of all our stakeholders is critical to the long-term sustainability of our business and the vital role we play in helping our customers protect people, information and nations. 
These range from our people, our customers, end users, suppliers, partners, our communities, our shareholders, financial institutions, our pensioners and regulators.  So, it’s vital to us to engage and communicate appropriately with our stakeholders, and at the right time, being as transparent as we can.  We also engage with other organisations who have a focus on business or defence and security issues to understand factors that can impact our business and how we operate.
Engaging in a two-way dialogue helps us understand stakeholder’s views and concerns, and explain our approach. We use the feedback our stakeholders give us to inform our strategy and approach to managing sustainability. Sometimes, however, due to the nature of our business we’re prevented from talking openly about all aspects of our operations.
To assist in providing a transparent account of our business we respond to a number of external indices and analyst requests for information including Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Carbon Disclosure Project and Transparency International.  Each year, we report on progress in the Annual Report.

Ongoing dialogue with stakeholders华夏彩票官方网址

We interact with stakeholders as part of normal business practice, through regular employee surveys and dialogue with trade unions, for example. We also work closely with our strategic suppliers on joint projects and bids; importantly communicating the standards we expect them to meet.
Understanding and aiming to exceed the expectations of our stakeholders is critical to the long-term sustainability of our business and the vital role we play in helping our customers to protect people, information and nations.
Our approach to stakeholder engagement is detailed below: 

Our people华夏彩票官方网址

We keep employees informed about what is happening across the business using a variety of media, including our intranet, email and employee app, through podcasts, newsletters, leadership blogs and trade union forums, and also through leadership briefing and team meetings where we seek to listen to employees’ views and opinions. Employees are encouraged to share their views through our channels and employee surveys. We also engage with trade unions in Australia and the UK and labour unions in the US.

Our customers华夏彩票官方网址

We engage with our customers through regular dialogue and face-to-face meetings, integrated project teams, joint reviews of programme performance, events and exhibitions.

Our end users华夏彩票官方网址

We work very closely with the men and women who use our products and services, in some instances our people work alongside them at their facilities or bases. We also engage through regular dialogue and face-to-face meetings.

Our suppliers华夏彩票官方网址

Our suppliers and an effective, efficient and sustainable supply chain are essential to enable us to deliver for our customers and end users so we engage with them through performance reviews, forums, regular dialogue and best practice sharing.

Our partners华夏彩票官方网址

We benefit from partnering with other organisations to leverage expertise or technology so that we can offer the best possible products and services to our customers. We engage with partners through regular dialogue and face-to-face meetings, forums and conferences and integrated project teams.

Our communities华夏彩票官方网址

We work to ensure we maintain the trust of the communities where we work and to understand and respond to any issues important to them. We provide employment opportunities and contribute to the economic prosperity of the places where our people live and work.  We do all this through community forums, volunteering and fundraising, STEM initiatives, Schools Roadshows and programmes such as Movement to Work.

Our shareholders华夏彩票官方网址

We engage with our shareholders to ensure the owners of our shares and potential investors in the company have a full understanding of our business including the strategy, growth potential and risks in the business as well as the overall performance of the business. We do this through regular dialogue with analysts and investors conducted through investor meetings and roadshows, capital market days, results presentations, Annual General Meeting, regulatory disclosures, our website and the investor relations app.

Financial institutions华夏彩票官方网址

Our ongoing relationship with financial institutions is important to our long-term success as they support the funding of our business alongside the deployment of our own cash resources. We engage with them through regular dialogue and meetings, results presentations and regulatory disclosures.

Our pensioners华夏彩票官方网址

We need to ensure that our pensioners have access to all the information they need to manage their pension and we do this through newsletters, our website and pensions contact centres.


Through regular dialogue and via our trade associations we engage with regulators in order to have constructive dialogue with those who impact the regulations which can influence our business.